Boutique gegenalltag
Mar 20 - Mai 5, 2009 GEGENALLTAG Vienna
Sel Nr 14
SUPER SUPER New Wave reloaded

We realize this exhibition “SUPER SUPER New Wave reloaded” in cooperation with the raffish, hip and trendy lifestyle- and fashion magazine “SUPER SUPER” witch is located in London. It is a hymn to the 80ies New Wave movement. It has started a revival during the last 3 years, witch includes music, lifestyle and fashion. The magazine has brought a breath of fresh air into the increasingly conservative style press.

The magazine will be exposed during the exhibition and will be for sale.

At the exhibition opening at March 20 there will be a performence from the artists Jason Atomic (UK) and Johnny deluxe (UK).

gegenalltag will show a few artist, whose work is nfluenced by this revival.
Invited are the labels:
Zorana Janjic(SRB/A)
muntstock (D)
red mutha (UK)
Bas Kosters (NL)
OOPS! fashion (UK),
Jason Atomic, & Johnny deluxe

quartier 21/MuseumsQuartier Wien

OPEN Wed-Sun 2-7pm